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Dear Jenny,
Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and understanding during our time of sorrow. Your extra efforts are greatly appreciated.

Ursula and Family

To Jenny and crew,
You took care of everything during this difficult time, so we had no worries. Thank you for caring for our precious Izzy and returning him home safely to us.


Dear Royal Pet,
Your compassion and warmth made the sad experience of losing my dog Jake just a little easier, and I want to say thank you. I am so pleased with the work you did and grateful to you. It makes me very happy to have Jake's ashes back with the family.

Cherie W.

Dear Jenny and John,
Thank you both again for your caring and professional services for our dog Missy. You were so responsive when I wasn't sure about when to call a vet, and then when we had to make the decision for her, you sent Serenity Vet to our home and made this very difficult decision both loving and peaceful. John was there to take Missy and then was so kind. Her ashes were delivered a few weeks later. Our family was most appreciative of the entire process and felt that a very painful and sad occasion was allowed to have dignity and love. I have recommended you to various friends and will continue to do so. Thank you again for your services. You really fill a great need.

Peggy and Bob Turrill and family

We want to thank you again for helping us get through the loss of our beloved dog, Tucker. I spoke to a couple of companies but there was something about you that reached out to me over the phone and I knew Tucker would be well-taken care of. The urn is beautiful and we so appreciated you working with us to bring him home. Thank you, thank you for all of your kindness.

Ann M.

I want to thank you for taking care of our cat. The box of ashes is just beautiful, and the certificate is lovely. After having this cat for 17 years, it felt good to know we marked his passing with the dignity that a loved pet deserves. As hard as it was to say goodbye, it would have been harder to have simply left him for the vet to dispose of. Thank you for your fine service, and your attention to the details of sending his ashes to me.

Gloria T.

Thank you so much for helping to put our mind at ease during one of the most difficult times in our lives. Bella was a special part of our family and we were comforted knowing that you would treat her with the love and respect that she deserved. We especially liked the idea of the liquid cremation alternative. It felt to us like it would be a more peaceful process than the traditional fire method. Thank you again for the wonderful services that you provide. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.


I just wanted to thank the Royal Pet Mortuary staff for all your kindness during a very stressful and difficult time in our lives. Ruby was our "little girl", and you treated our loss with so much care and respect that it honored her. With nearly 17 years of love and loyality from Ruby, it was a relief to know that I could do right by her and have her cremated instead of disposing of her like trash. She will forever be in our hearts, and thanks to Jenny, John and the rest of the staff at Royal Pet Mortuary she will hold a special place in our home forever. She's home where she belongs


We can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness, guidance, and professionalism in helping and guiding us through this process. We will recommend you to all of our friends. Again, many, many thanks.

Linda and Roger

Jenn, thank you so much for taking care of our Buddy in the kind way that you did. You lessened the trauma of my taking care of him when he passed. You were so kind and sympathetic. You have our deepest gratitude.

Lyn and Jason

We just want to thank you for the kindness and respect you showed in handling this situation. The book you gave us has really helped us with our feelings. It was very comforting to know that ‘Captain’ was being taken care of by someone who loves and cares for animals like we do.

T. Victor, Santa Monica, CA

You were of great consolation and the utmost help during a most difficult period of my life; the passing of my beloved ‘Torian.’ Thank you for helping me to remember ‘Torian’ as he was.

L. Castellucci, Malibu, CA

If it had not been for the ‘true love’ of animals that I felt from Royal Pet Mortuary, it would have been impossible for me to leave my cat, ‘Shadow.’ Thanks for all your love and support.

C. Hallsted, Los Angeles, CA

We deeply appreciate the warmth and understanding shown us during our period of grief over the loss of our beloved 22 year old pet ‘Freddie.’ We also commend you for the quality of service given and your high degree of professionalism.

G. Froehlich, Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much for your attention when I lost my Sabrina. I don't think that I will ever get over it. Your mortuary services for her were just fine and I thank you for taking care of that.

Sonia K .

Thank you for your compassion and kindness during this sad and difficult time. I deeply appreciate the caring and respectful way that you treated me and my dear Rommell..

Trisha W.

I want to thank you with all my heart for the special care and attention you gave my special friend "Freeway". It was so comforting to know he was well taken care of (since I was away). We are all so grateful. Thank you!

Vivane, Isidoro,
Wilma and Claudia C.

We want to thank you for everything you did concerning the arrangements for "Kodiak". It is quite evident that your compassion is genuine by the personal touches you did....your phone calls, you being there friday morning in Carson and especially bring our "Kodi" back home, thank you! The loss of a devoted and loved one is very difficult and it was most comforting knowing you were handling the details. Thank you again, we appreciate all that you did.

Celia and Ed Robbins

We wanted to express our gratitude for the caring way you handled our cat, Andy after his departing. Andy was very special and we are grateful that he was treated with such care and respect. With much thanks,

Andrea B. and Joshua I.

I would like to thank you again for all your help in assisting our family on the death of "Emmet". Words can not express how much we appreciate the dignity that you gave "Emmet". He was not just a dog, he was the center of our family, and we all are still grieving. But we know that "Emmet" is much better off now.

Agnes and all of "Emmet's" family

Thank you, thank you so much for everything you did for us and "Roxy". Through a very difficult time, you made it as easy as could be. We really appreciate your care and support.
Thank you for taking so much time to pick "Roxy" up right away, and to drive all the way out to us to bring us her ashes. We really appreciate it! You really impressed us. Hopefully we won't need your services in the near future, but when we do, we will definitely call you! Thank you!

Kelly and Max

The passing of 'Angel' was one of the most difficult experiences we've ever had to absorb. She was a special member of the family who can never be replaced. Though, life will never be the same without Angel, we will always have her ashes and as such, she will remain a part of us. We can't stress how much we value the services that you offer and how it has given everyone in our household a sense of profound consolation that words can not describe. We will never forget your graciousness in answering our abrupt call on that fateful Sunday morning, nor will we ever forget the way you personally returned Angel to us. Thank you so much for your professionalism and genuine compassion. To everyone who is a part of Pet Mortuary, you have been our angels in this time of grief and loss."

Angel's' Family

Thank you so very much for the care and concern you gave to our beloved little dog, "Taffy". The help you gave us was greatly appreciated.

Angela and Bob F.

I want to thank you so much for your professional service! We really took comfort to everything you had done! Keep up the good work!
Thank you again,
Karen, Anthony, Yoshi, and our little angel at the Rainbow Bridge Lelo!

Thank you for the delivery of "Pluto's" ashes, the poem, the prayer and the paw print. They were beautifully and respectfully presented. "Pluto's" ashes will be buried by his favorite stream at our home in Idaho where he can play forever.
With gratitude,

John, Elizabeth and Benjamin L.

We so greatly appreciate the beautiful job with Sasha--her box is fit for a palace, and fitting for her as she was a royal cat. Thank you again, with
warm regards.

J and J and all the pets

Thank you from the depths of my soul for your kind treatment of us and our beloved Frazier. The beautiful poems you sent, the lovely container he is in, and your offer to drive him to Bakersfield will be remembered forever as some of the kindest acts we have witnessed. You made the transition to a Frazier-less family much smoother. With fondness,

Patty and Peter W.

Thank you for the comfort and support you provided during our time of sorrow. Bandit was a beautiful dog who brought joy and happiness to everyone! You and your staff went out of your way to arrange a beautiful service for Bandit, And we will always be grateful to you.
God Bless.

The D. Family

…you’ll never know how much your kindness meant.
Your caring and understanding when I lost my Nana was so appreciated. Again thanks, you were wonderful.

Peggy D.

On behalf of myself Cathy M. and my daughter Heather M. We wish to thank you for all the kindness and thoughtfulness you’ve shown us at the time of our beloved cats passing. Geisha was so very special to us, we were blessed to have her eighteen years. My daughter grew up with her, they were best buds. What made Geisha’s passing especially difficult was that my daughter was in Utah when Geisha left us. Heather had to say her goodbyes over the phone which makes it difficult for closure.

Richard, you have made her passing in to a very memorable experience for us. When my daughter returns home she will have a tangible reunion with Geisha. You’ve done an outstanding job of making sure Geisha’s memory lives on. Words cannot express my gratitude for the lovely box with her ashes, the paw print, the beautiful cremation certificate and the very touching Rainbow Bridge writing. May God bless you many times over for your giving spirit and the love you’ve shown us.
Thank you so very much,

Cathy and Heather M.

I wanted to heart fully thank you for your care and kinds words regarding “Bandit” Also, for your thoughtful condolences card. I was also struck by the beauty of the container, it looks like a treasure chest. ( I was expecting some plain cylindrical or rectangle container) And it does contain a treasure, so it is so appropriate—also the collar lovingly placed inside, very touching, thank you. Also thank you for that day when you allowed Bandit to be placed outside for the final viewing, so we could include our other dogs, so it was a true family experience, Bandit’s family. That also was an unexpected surprise. (I was going to leave them in the car) And we had a peaceful walk around the cemetery (a beautiful place) and we looked at all the stones, pictures, etc of others who lost their dear friends.

Thank you for that last day despite the sadness obviously involved, we did the right thing and had a special moment there. So thank you for everything, and especially for dedicating your livelihood for having such a business, for having the courage to deal with such sadness and to do and say what needs to be said and done, with the compassion with which you did, thanks.

p.s. And the PAWPRINT!! I forgot, another big thank you for that!!

Angelica F.

To everyone at Royal Pet Mortuary,

Thank you so much! This loss of my sweet Bandit was very hard to deal with, but you all made this much easier for me to handle. I'll never forget how you helped me, I didn't know where to start or where to go... Thank you!


Dear Jenny and the staff at Royal Pet Mortuary,

You have made a very difficult and emotional time in our lives so much easier. Your caring and empathy was so comforting. Very sincerely,

"Gigi's Mom"

My Dearest Jenny and John,

From the first time I reached out to you via telephone, you were nothing but caring, compassionate, and understanding in taking care of my loving baby cat, Ginger. This was the saddest, lowest, most traumatic moment in my life losing Ginger. I took him to the local ER and they immediately suggested euthanasia. My only regret is not calling Royal Pet Mortuary to have Home Euthanasia, but after the vet did that and I had Ginger, you both were understanding, supportive, and there for me all the way.

I love how sympathetic you were when I was crying on the phone and did not know what to do and you personally guided and advised me about the process and were professional in setting up the appointment for John to pick up Ginger. When John arrived at my home, he was gracious to give me a courtesy call before coming and also upon arrival. I could not stop crying again and showed him a picture of my beautiful brown and white Ginger and he consoled me with a hug.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you both in providing me with Ginger's ashes in less than 2 weeks promised. I love the elegant and dignified satin box, grateful for his small patch of hair, his clay paw print, and the lovely prayers and certificate. I am very lucky to have selected such a professional, caring, compassionate people who attended to Ginger lovingly and gave him a dignified bridge to heaven.

I strongly recommend your services to any pet owner who wants to remember their pet in loving detail. Again, I cannot thank you enough for being so supportive in such a difficult time for me. I miss Ginger dearly and I know he appreciates ALL you have done for him. He was a very humble, behaved, thoughtful, wonderful, kind, but very unconditional loving cat who always thought of others before himself. I am sure he is grateful for your compassion and love for him. THANK YOU, words just cannot describe how much I appreciate you being there for my beautiful baby boy, Ginger. I am sure you remember how beautiful he was and I kind of wish I were there to see him, but I am happy to know he is here with me always.

Marissa B.

I can't thank you enough for arranging Michelle and Brian to handle our Cassie's passing. They are very sweet people, caring and compassionate, and we will always be grateful that we were at home with Cassie. She passed comfortably and calmly, in our arms, head in my hand. Although sad and emotional, I can't imagine a more serene end of life for our best friend and partner of 11 years.

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for your compassionate service. It made this saddest occurrence a little more tolerable!

Best regards,

Bob B.

Sadly I have lost two pets recently, but each time I turned to Royal Pet Mortuary to help me. And each time the Royal Pet staff came through for me while I was grieving. They took charge of my pets and in the kindest and most sensitive manner they handled the cremation and return of my pets' ashes. Even though the pain was terrible, Jenny really comforted me and immediately did what had to be done. I know that I can trust them to return my pet to me, as opposed to someone else's pet. They were available, efficient and kept in touch even after they picked up my pets. I pray that I won't need to use them again anytime soon, but it gives me peace of mind knowing that Royal Pet Mortuary is available in times of sorrow. I wouldn't use any other service for my beloved pets.

Deborah W.

Jenny and John,
Thank you so much for all of your help with our beloved Bruce. You are wonderful people! Thank you for the sweet paw print, and heartfelt poems. John was amazing when he picked up Bruce, and wish I could have thanked you in person when you dropped in back off, but it was so nice to speak with you today. Jenny was such a sweetheart on the phone the whole time. You make a hard thing less difficult, thank you so much.
Thank you truly from our hearts.

Amy & Willis

I wanted to send a personal thank you to you all for making us feel that you really feel our pain at the loss of our beloved Cat Scooter. This is the second time I have requested your services and feel very comfortable putting our kitties in your compassionate hands. I will definitely recommend your services to anybody who might need to use them.


Just wanted to thank you so much for your great service. Royal Pet Mortuary is amazing. Second time i used your service and it’s the BEST!


Thank you so much for all the care taken in honoring Princess at the final stage of her journey here. Your personal care in bringing her remains back to me is greatly appreciated


Thank you so much for everything. Royal Pet Mortuary really exceeded my expectations. You driver, John, just brought Maya’s ashes to me. He’s a wonderful person. I’m still grieving Maya’s passing and just lost it when he handed her over to me. He comforted me in my time of need and for that I am eternally grateful. I entrusted my beautiful gentle giant to you and know she received first class treatment. Again, thank you so much.


I want to thank you for such a beautiful service provided for me and my family. Our Amber was so very dear to us. Jenny and her staff understood this beyond any expectations. I feel everything was done in such an intimate, respectful and loving way. I am forever grateful.

Ambergine 'Golden' Flower of the Sun A.K.A. Amber; July 17, 2000 - November 17, 2013. I see Amber chasing butterflies on the other side of the rainbow.

K. Vermillion, CA

I'd like to thank "Jenny" for being so professional and compassionate about the passing of our 20 yr old kitty, Anton. I have used RPM 3 previous times and every single time it was handled with the upmost respect and sincerity. This time, we took Anton to a new vet and had to deal with the outcome of his time being up.... I refused to use the services that said vet was offering, I knew that I wanted to have RPM handle the care of my Anton's remains.

M. Martinez, Granada Hills, CA

My daughter Ashley asked me to call or write you as she is still grieving the loss of her beloved friend Kaela. She was so thankful for the way everything was handled. The gentleman who picked Kaela up and brought back her ashes was so compassionate. Ashley was happy to have Kaela home and has been sleeping with the footprint next to her. Thank you so much for making this uncomplicated for her at such a difficult time.

S. Olivia, Los Angeles, CA

How do I say thank you? We lost my "Hali" who was 11, very suddenly. When I phoned Pet Mortuary and spoke with Jenny, she was so compassionate and never took lightly my pain and tears. John phoned me when Hali was ready and said he was bringing her "home!" I was excited and my heart was breaking, he handed her ashes in a beautiful gold colored fabric tapestried box with a tassel, certificates and her precious paw print in clay. As I took these beautiful items, tears rolled down my face, John put his hand on my shoulder and expressed his understanding and sorrow for my lost. I truly appreciated all of you at Pet Mortuary. Thank you so much for helping me, and remembering my little girl in such a special way.


I care for an elderly couple with a beloved cat 21 years of age. Recently they were devastated at the news that the husband had terminal cancer. As their pets health worsened i contacted Royal to help plan the inevitable , I was simply blown away by Jenny's kindness and help. The cat passed hours before me deploying back to Afghanistan and they picked her up promptly and i know will handle her remains respectfully and lovingly. It only remains for me to say Thank you to Jenny and John for making a very tough time as painless as possible.


I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for your warmth, kindness and efficiency.  Although Fernie's death was not a shock, having to let her go on Christmas Eve was a challenge.  The timing acutally worked out perfectly, as my daughter could spend 36 hours straight, caring and tending to Fern during her last hours. 
Your kindness and understanding truly facilitated our healing.  We've already shared information about your special services with our primary vet and several friends. We will continue to recommend your services whenever we

Janet L.

Thank you for the lovely job you did taking care of My-a's remains.  I love the gold box and the clay pawprint.  The beautiful poems warm my heart.

You took such good care of My-a in this process that you have helped me to do the grieving I needed to do.

I recommend your services to anyone seeking a respectful funeral process for their animal.

Maria S.

Thank you for the immediate service that was needed in regards to Sasha's passing.  I miss her greatly and your service truly helped us get through this difficult time.  Carol just dropped off her remains and I wanted to thank the both of you again for your patience and understanding.

David & Grace

I wanted to tell you that I think your company is wonderful.
Everything you did: picking Elmo up; delivering him in a beautiful box with the certificate, poems, and pawprint; and then personally bringing him home, was truly appreciated and truly first-class.
I will highly recommend you to anyone who has the terrible misfortune of losing a beloved pet, as I did.

Debbie K.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for so sensitively handling the passing of my beloved Griffin on Saturday. I don't stop thinking about him for a second, and constantly wonder where his sweet spirit is.

Your presence was a huge comfort, and knowing that you are taking care of him made it easier for me to accept what had to be done. Thank you for treating him with dignity and grace, and for allowing me to freely express my grief without having to worry about how it must have looked. I felt comfortable to experience Griff's death as naturally and honestly as possible.

For the rest of my life, I'll be able to remember that day positively -- not traumatically. For that, I thank you.

Kris E.

Mark & I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided in taking care of the cremation of Sheila. Your personal touch meant a lot to us. Please do not hesitate to in the future use us as a reference should need be. Yours truly,

Mark & Karin M.

On August 6, I lost my best friend and child, my cat Winter. It was the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my entire life. The only bit of sunshine to come out of the ordeal of losing my little guy was your professionalism, kindness and understanding in my worst time.

I thank you, and give you the highest recommendation for your compassionate service. Bless you for helping me take care of my little guy, Winter.

Aaron P.

Thank you so much for the certificate replacement. You said that you will mail it out on Monday, but I received it yesterday (Saturday). That's what I call fast service. We are happy with the cremating decision to have our baby Jake home. I also put the paw print into a 3D picture frame with the Rainbow Bridge Poem. The urn and the frame stand side by side as a little memorial for Jakey Jake.

I also put up his picture and a story on your website at petmortuary.com if you'd like to take a look and see what our family went through. We love our cuttie pie and will miss him terribly. Thanks again for all your hard work,

Julie K.

We wanted to thank you for the care you gave to our cat, Kashmir, after she departed. We truly found comfort in the way you and your staff took care of her remains---we were so broken up but thankful that our girl was being taken care of by caring professionals. The paw print and certificate were a very lovely touch as well. Thank you again,

Paul and Kate K.

Thank you so very much for all of your support and patience. Having Jena and Pongo home gives our family a peace of mine to share our love, holidays and laughter with. There are no words to thank you enough for everything!

Thank you very much, with all our appreciation.

The M. Family


Thank you again for your caring and thoughtful work.  I meant a great deal to me and my so.  Having his fat little footprint on the living room shelve brings us fond memories every day.


Hi - I just wanted to thank you for your handling of my cat Suki. I was trying to hold it together as you dropped off her ashes today, but... well.... you know how that goes. She was old as the hills & it was time, but it's always hard... especially when you've been together for almost 17 years!

Anyway.... Thanks for everything. You were highly reccommended by a good friend, who, incidentally, had high reccommendations from other friends. I will tell anyone to call you if they are in that sad, but inevitable situation. Thanks again for everything.

Holly M

Dear, dear Richard,

I thank u for the well handling u did of my dog "sebastian" (which I say "my son sebastian") that was my lil' son!!! I loved my lil' 4-legged man. As I held him to say "good-by " I remembered how he broke his lil arm and had to rush him to the hospital and the waiting I did for him to be seen and all the attention he needed after, their like children, relying on us to help stop their pain!

Sebastian was very well known and loved by the neighborhood and will be missed a lot by children and adults who he surrounded himself, I even had a neighbor cry about his death, and it made me feel good that my lil' 4-legged son made a memory for for her, it showed character in him.

There for Mr. Richard it was easier than I thought letting him go in ur hands. u showed great respect and understanding about the situation. U handled picking up my lil' man so professionally and willingly, u called continously letting me know ur almost here and about how long we will be expecting u, u didn’t just throw my lil' man in your truck like he was junk, or even made a grossly face, u explained the procedure I wanted to be done on sebastian very well and answered my questions over and over. I loved the fact u brought the lil' box for me to choose from, and ur patience with me---- thank u-----

Ur service is fantastic!!!!! I love the writing on the death certificate, (its my favorite writing, calligraphy) and the poems are so nice and memorable, and the fact that u gave me his lil' hands engraved was top of the line memorable!!!! I remember I used to kiss his lil' paws every morning and after his baths, and at least I can do so in his engraved lil' paws thanks to ur service. I would highly recommend ur services to pet owner who loved their pets and want the best !!!!!!!!

Thank u for people like u"


I wanted to Thank you so very much for taking care of my beloved Kwi Kwi and bringing him home to me. Although it was incredibly sad and painful to lose my baby, having him home again in such a respectful and delicate way is much comfort indeed. His little gold treasure chest will accompany me when my time comes...many years from now. God Bless you!

Mo C.

My wife and I wanted to thank you so much for your sensitivity and professionalism in helping us with our beloved dog. You made a very difficult time for us as easy as it could be under the circumstances. We are particularly grateful for your being able to return her to us last Saturday. We know that you had to make special arrangements to do so. We will recommend your services to others that have pets.

The D. Family

I just wanted to thank you for taking such great care with Moe. Our family misses him and loves him dearly. There are those that consider it a bit extreme to want the same for your pet (family member) as you would for any other part of the family. I was surprised to get calls from family members giving their condolences because they knew how much Moe meant to the members in our household.

I was truly heartbroken upon Moe’s passing and while talking to you on the phone there was just something in your voice that gave me comfort in knowing you would take care of him. I really appreciate your time and efforts in making this experience less somber for me. Moe will always be remembered and I have you to thank for that.

Amber H.

Dear Jenny, John, and Brian,

Thank you for your compassion and respect for our dear Taj. I'm grateful his remains were not carried away by the gardeners. You were a blessing, thank you for everything.


Thank you for all your kindness and patience during one of the most difficult times in my life. I was a mess and you held my hand and helped me say good bye to Biggie. The only way I got through was in knowing that we did right by my pal.


I want to thank everyone at Royal Pet Mortuary for your warmth, sensitivity and understanding regarding the death of our sweet cat Punky.

Working with you made things on our end very easy. You were quick to arrive and we appreciate how amazing you were at helping us deal with this untimely, sad situation.
We loved John and felt so safe handing Punky over to him. He's a very special soul who showed great concern for both of us and Punky.

Words can not express our thanks.

Rochelle and Kathleen

I'm sorry it took me so long to write to you. Jenny is the most compassionate, helpful person I have ever met. We met because my dog was sick and dying, and she held my hand, so to speak, through the phone as my family and I wrestled with our horrible, horrible, but necessary decision.

She made sure Kobe was well taken care of, both in the minutes before his passing from this earth, to the respectful way he was cared for after his passing. He is back with us now, though his soul of course has passed on.

Jenny, you are the best. You made what was an unbearable situation as easy as it possibly could be. You made memories for us that we can hold onto, as our grief fades to warm and loving memories of our beloved Kobe.

Rebecca M.

I felt the need to write a testimonial after the wonderful, compassionate care that was given by everyone that I was in contact with at the Royal Pet Mortuary, from the lady who first took my call, to the man who kept me updated and to the kind man that bought her home. I cannot recommend or thank you all enough.

Laura F.

Thank you John and Jenny! Without your compassion, patience and love, our family would have had an even more difficult time after our darling cat, RosieDaisy died, suddenly. You helped us through the first hours of shock, disbelief and saddness as well as the days and weeks afterwards. It's heartwarming to know our precious RosieDaisy was in such good hands as she went to Rainbow Bridge. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The Shulby's