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Available 7 days a week at: 310-313-2108

We're here to assist you promptly and can pick up your pet at home or your vet's office. If you reach our voicemail, leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.
ROYAL PET MORTUARY is here to assist you with Individual Pet Cremations. Our service includes the personal return of your pet's cremains home to you.

---- Liquid (aquamation) Pet Cremation ----
Now available upon request

Respectful Handling

A member of our caring staff will pick up your pet from your home or veterinarian’s office, in a timely fashion. Please call on us to answer any questions and provide the information necessary for you to make the best choice for your pet.

---- Pet Cremation vs. Burial ----

Individual Pet Cremation

Private Pet Cremation is inexpensive compared to ground burial. This is only one advantage as you may then choose to bury the ashes in our complimentary urn (which is environmentally safe), in your own garden. Or you may wish to display your decorative urn in a special place in your home. Your pet’s ashes will be delivered to you enclosed in an attractive tapestry urn or any urn you have selected, accompanied by a Certificate of Private Cremation and a precious clay paw print keepsake.

Cemetery Burial

Cemetery Burial at a Pet Memorial Park can often be costly due to the fact that you are actually purchasing a small parcel of land. Most of California’s Pet Memorial Parks, including two in Los Angeles, are recognized by the State as “sacred ground.” This is your assurance that your pet’s burial site can never be built upon by any land developer. You may visit as often as you wish bringing flowers and holiday decorations to your pet’s final resting place.
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Commitment to Caring

Each of us at ROYAL PET MORTUARY has experienced the loss of a special companion animal in our life. We truly understand your feelings of grief and sorrow and are sympathetic to your present need for compassion and positive direction.

Available 7 days a week at: 310-313-2108

We serve the following areas:
Greater Los Angeles and surrounding communities, Santa Monica, Culver City,
Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, Van Nuys, Studio City, and Central Valley communities.